Haikyuu!! Episode 9

There were some really nice subtle touches in this episode in which the character's actions and feelings were mainly expressed through cinematography.

 A long shot of Asahi contemplating. The school and the crows in the background are the visual representation of what's on his mind, which is whether or not he should go back to the team.

 A shallow focus on the crow taking flight in the background, further emphasizes the symbolism. 

 The shallow focus then switches on Asahi as he leaves, emphasizing the decision he has made. Just like the crow in the background he's taking flight again and rejoining the team. In this scene there was no dialogue from Asahi, the visuals were used to speak for the character

This sequence is Asahi's return. Again very little dialogue.

 His entrance scene starts with the camera slowly panning to the entrance. This expresses Asahi's feeling of anxiety and apprehensiveness. Then only his hand comes into view, the camera focuses on it to show how he feels too ashamed to fully present himself

 The scene further builds on this feeling of anxiety by slowly panning up until finally Asahi's face comes into view.

 The shallow focus on Asahi with Nishinoya in the foreground conveys that his return was most important to Nishinoya.

The sequence in which Asahi came to a realization that he has teammates that support him switches from medium-long shot to a long shot. This switch that made him look more diminutive signifies that he's seeing the bigger picture, that the team is bigger than him and he shouldn't shoulder all the blame.  

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