Haikyuu!! Episode 8

 Long shot with a shallow focus. This establishes the volleyball setting. The haziness and the out of focus background give a memory lane effect. 

 Close up shot of the net with a shallow focus. The net coming into focus strongly suggests that the character (Nishinoya) is reminiscing about volleyball.

 Off center medium shot. Volleyball background remains prominent.

 Medium shot of the back of another character (Asahi). This shot specify what Nishinoya misses about volleyball and that is playing with the person in the shot.

 Full shot of both characters. This establishes the two characters. Asahi having his back turned drives the emotional point that he has left volleyball.


A mix of medium shots and volleyball imagery express the feeling of playing volleyball is still fresh within Asahi. The head only partially exposed has a melancholic effect by leaving it to the audience's imagination on how Asahi feels.


These series of photos is Asahi's reaction to Hinata and Kageyama practicing.

 Close up shot of his hand as Asahi remembers the feel of hitting a ball.

 Medium shot with Asahi coming into focus. The low angle from the hand and the focus on him really express how he misses the game.

Full shot of Asahi's silhouette for further emotional effect.


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