Mushishi Zoku Shou Episode 8

This episode uses color schemes to express contrasting moods and emotional states of the character.

 A full shot of the ship. The ship sailing the open sea and the mushi birds flying in the bright blue sky are images that symbolizes freedom and adventure.

 The blue sky, the white birds and clouds are colors that give a sense of optimism. The young man looks up with hope for a bright future. The low angle imitates the young sailor's view and communicates this positive mood to the audience.

An eye candy scene. The low framing emphasizes the animation of the waves and the mushi birds diving down from the sky.

After the ship sunk the young sailor have fallen into depression.

 A long shot of the young sailor. The barren tree and the dark blue sky present an oppressive and dark mood. A young man once optimistic and free is now chained down to his unloving parents.

The bleak looking house of his unloving parents and the dark mushi worms are images and colors that exude pessimism and restriction. The video above of the mushi birds blowing through his parents' house and consuming the worms symbolize the young sailor breaking out of this restriction and depression to follow his dream to sail freely in the open sea.


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