Ping Pong The Animation Episode 9

This Kazama flash back sequence beautifully used cinematography to portray the purity and innocence of a kid's admiration of his father.

 A close up of Kazama in the bathroom stall. Deep in thought and has a look of a person revisiting a cherished memory. 

 A shot of lilies with the child version of Kazama in the background admiring it.

 A close up of the lilies. These shots of the lilies show that Kazama loved flowers the same way his father (a florist) did. This suggest he strongly viewed his father as a role model.

 A low angle long shot of Kazama's father. This shot gives an impression of a person looking up to someone in admiration.

 A medium shot of Kazama's father to further drive the point that he's a man that deeply influenced him. The man he plays ping pong for, his hero.

The sequence also has great storyboarding. There were shots of Kazama's father struggling with the flower business. The sequence intertwine Kazama's heroic view of his father and the troubled man behind the hero.
Another sequence that builds up a hero.

 A medium-long shot of Peco. Without the head in view the audience's eyes focus on the injured knee. An injured Peco asking for his racket really plays up his hero persona. 

 A close up of the racket being handed to Peco. A hero accepting the challenge despite an injury.

Another use of a low angle shot to give a heroic depiction of a person. The light shining on Peco really complement that depiction.

I thought this was a really nice use of a push in shot to give an illusion of Peco's words from a childhood flashback reaching Smile.


  1. Cool. Never thought about angles and the meanings they can have. You game me some extra thoughts and insight. Tnx pal! :D


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