Mushishi Zoku Shou Episode 6

As Ginko first appears in this episode it also introduces the prevalent theme of cherry blossoms.

 A long shot of Ginko next to a blossoming cherry tree establishes the setting.

 A high angle deep focus shot with the cherry blossom in the foreground and Ginko looking in awe in the background. This closer look on both suggests that cherry blossoms would play a role in Ginko's travel.

A close up look of the cherry blossoms. These increasing closer looks on cherry blossoms build the thematic ground work for this episode.

The doctor reveals that Saho's health is directly related to the nearby cherry tree that shelters mushi. The following images establishes that parallel.

Whenever Saho is healthy the mushi cherry tree blossoms. In this flashback shot the camera pans down as the petals falls on Saho. This gives the image of blossoms symbolizing life, and giving life to Saho.

 Now back to present. This medium shot of the barren cherry tree signifies that Saho is in bad health.

A long shot of the tree along with the doctor and Ginko. These dark images of the barren tree gives off a feeling of bleakness. As the blossoms signify life the lack thereof signifies death.

These images are from scenes after the doctor failed to prolong Saho's life.

As the mushi (which looks like blossom petals) leaves Saho's body the camera pans up to emphasize the imagery of her life dissipating. This is a direct contrast to the shot where the camera pans down as the petals fall on a livelier Saho.

A long shot of the cherry tree and the mushi floating away. This further drives the parallel between the tree and Saho's life and death.


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