Mushishi Zoku Shou Episode 9

This episode neatly used long/scenic shots not just to establish the setting but to briefly introduce the peculiarity of the story. The opening scene begins with shots of snowy mountains, barren trees and typical winter conditions that are obviously unfit for agriculture. The scene ends with a shot of the green rice patties in the middle of dull winter colors. This contrast subtly introduces the viewers to the supernatural aspect of the episode.


The next images show the use of one-point perspective.

This scene uses the layers of sliding doors to create a subtle one-point perspective view. Even as a conversation takes place, the view creates such an eerie and captivating effect that it draws the viewers' attention to the background. The scene above cleverly uses the layers of doors to convey progression to the point of interest. The camera progresses through each layer of doors, until it finally gets to very end to reveal the oddity of rice patties in the middle of winter.

The shot above again uses the doors to create a perspective line. While the previous scene used it to create intrigue, this shot uses it give the viewers an observer's point of view to the emotional exchange that occurred between father and son.


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