One Week Friends Episode 10

Lighting and shadow in this episode were used really well to set up the mood of the scene and to accentuate the feelings of the characters.

 After Hase realized that the significance of the number "18" was truly lost in Kaori, he then walks away upset. The next scene starts with a shot of the sun shining through the window. It then cuts to a long shot of Hase. Despite all the light going through the window he remains in the shadows. This expresses that even though he tries to appear bright and happy, deep inside he's in pain. This also establishes a melancholic feeling that effectively sets up the flashback scene and the emotional moment when Hase cries.

When Kaori started talking about Hajime the scene cuts to a long shot of the two being enveloped by the cloud's shadow. The scene uses the shadows to emote Kaori's dark and painful memories of Hajime that she has long-repressed.

 Hase tries to comfort Kaori and the conversation moves on to a more joyful topic of going out for crêpes. To reflect this change in mood, the cloud covers move to let the Sun shine on both of them.

Unfortunately for Hase things couldn't quite remain bright and sunny. In this long shot of the last scene, the street light flickers off above him, perhaps indicating a dark foreshadowing.


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