Zankyou no Terror Episode 6

There were numerous amounts of extreme close-up shots in this episode, specifically the eyes. The reason for this is perhaps to underline a turning point that occurred for a few characters in this episode. Those turning points would be, Shibazaki forming a camaraderie, Nine showing a sign of acceptance towards Lisa and the start of the Five vs. Nine rivalry . Extreme close-up shots of the eyes just have a naturally gravitating effect that is very useful for emotionally involving the audience into significant character changes and events.

Almost right from the beginning this episode tries to have the audience invests themselves into Nine with an extreme close-up showing the weariness and emotional drain in his eye.

A disapproving and suspecting look from Shibazaki. In his mind he’s already acting as a lone wolf. This sets up the scene where he discovers that he’s not alone in this fight.

Part of this scene was just Nine and Lisa looking at each other intently. Nine was reading Lisa while she was giving him the look of determination that gained her a semblance of acceptance. This was also a good use of eye-line matches to visually communicate the situation with little dialogue.

This extreme close-up of Twelve seeing white feathers sets up the reveal that he has synesthesia.

The game is afoot.


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