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Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine - Episode 3

There was a long take in this episode, which I thought was executed well. It was done with a free-moving camera work that moved from one exchange to another, creating a seamless dialogue between four characters.

The most interesting parts were the exchanges involving Ochia, the camera always moved to shoot him at a low angle in order to accentuate his condescending attitude. Ochia is an intellectual who’s much older and more experienced than Nagate and Izana, thus he most likely views their opinion as simple minded. This notion is more pronounced in his exchange with Nagate where the camera moved to show Nagate at an extreme high angle. Ochia thought Nagate’s hope for a peaceful resolution with the Guanas was a sign of weakness and perhaps naïve. He was looking down on Nagate’s opinion and the high angle reinforced that.