Space Dandy S2 Episode 5

This episode was exceptional at immediately immersing the viewers to a new world by making the main character inconspicuous. By immersing the viewers in the initial moments, they get absorbed into the journey even before the focus shifts to Dandy.

In this shot you really don’t notice Dandy right away. He’s a tiny figure at the bottom right, covered by the shadow and his brown color palette blending with the ground. The audience’s eyes are immediately attracted to the environment, specifically the cacti.

Dandy is more noticeable in these images but again the world is the focus. The scale of the rocky tower and the amount of detail it has captures the audience’s attention.

Again, Dandy blends with the background. In the first image the viewers’ attention is initially drawn to the side characters since their colors contrast more against the brown wall. The secondary focus is the outside environment seen through the window.   In the second image the side characters remain as the focus. Notice the ray of light; it basically acts as lines directing the viewers’ attention to these characters. Another thing that draws the viewers’ attention are the dense amount of colorful objects that the side characters are sitting next to.


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