Haikyuu!! Episode 19

The last scene in this episode, which was the Kageyama setter dump, made great use of foreground framing to put focus on the character on screen and to also create continuity. The characters on play were used for foreground framing; by doing this the viewers become aware of the other parts of the play developing despite not being the focus of the shot. This viewer awareness was essential in creating a sense of continuity, which was very important for the misdirection the scene was going for.

The first image (top-left) is the beginning of the play, with Hinata acting as the first decoy. Kageyama is also on screen, this helps with the continuity in the next shot (top-right) where his body is used for foreground framing. The focus of this shot is the Aoba player witnessing the play develop, which is in the third shot (bottom-left). In this shot Tanaka is the second decoy, again Kageyama is being used to frame the shot for continuity purposes. The fourth image continues Tanaka’s action.

This sequence is the next phase of the play where Asahi acts as the spiker. The first image (top-left) continues to reinforce continuity with Hinata in the foreground still acting as the first decoy. In the next shot (top-right), Hinata is used to frame and put focus on Asahi as he’s about to spike. This of course never happened as we see in the next image (bottom left) where Kageyama executes the setter dump. In the following shot (bottom-right), Kageyama is again used for foreground framing (continuity!) to highlight the shock on the opponent’s face.

The storyboarding also helped a lot with creating continuity, specifically the good use of eyeline matches.


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