Space Dandy S2 Episode 8

Almost right from the very beginning the show uses canted framing. This type of unleveled framing is often used in action heavy scenes to create a hectic pace. However, it can also be used to create some visually unnerving shots, which was the case in the beginning of this episode. These canted shots immediately induce a sense of eeriness that is often associated with the world of the dead.


Cold-Warm Contrast

The above is probably the most striking cold-warm contrast shot in this episode. Notice how most of the shot, the background and mid-ground, have a blue (cold) hue to it while the foreground on the left side is mostly red (warm). This creates a stark contrast that strongly draws the viewers’ attention to the only warm part of the image, which of course makes the sad looking lady clown with a cat protruding off her chest look even creepier.

Warm and cold colors seem to be used as analogues to life and death. Red being life and blue is death. The images above might be evident of that. Dandy with his face still intact has that red color to it but when it was pulled off it turned to a glowing blue.

More cold-warm contrast shots.

One way this episode engrossed the audience to this world of the dead was by using two-point perspective to create depth. The first image was a forward tracking shot that put the audience in Dandy’s place as he takes in the view of this drab looking world.

Another cold-warm contrast shot but what separates this from the others is a little bit of symbolism. The giant red structure obviously resembles the shape of an egg, an image representing life. Dandy in the middle of it demonstrates his stubborn determination to live.


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