Knights of Sidonia Episode 7

The next few images illustrate the different ways the show gives a sense of scale.

 A long shot of the Gardes formation being dwarfed by the Gauna.

 A medium closeup of Nagate with the reflection of the Guana on his helmet.

 A point of view shot from Nagate's cockpit.


The show portrays the Gardes' movement both in large scale and up close. This gives the audience the impression of the vastness of the battle and also an engaging view of the action

 Extreme long shot establishes the scale.

A full shot of a Garde as it flies into the camera.

The Garde flies close enough for a close up to give an engaging view.

This series of images is the beautifully shot Hoshijiro death scene. This scene uses a variety of shots to an effective dramatic degree.

 A long shot of  Hoshijiro saving Nagate. 

 Extreme closeup of Nagate's eye shows he's barely conscious.

  Following Nagate's eye-line is the point of view shot of the attack on Hoshijiro.

Knights of Sidonia Hoshijiro
 A long shot puts into view both the damage and Hoshijiro physical state. Hoshijiro helplessly floating out of Garde makes for a tragic image. 

 A closeup shot of Hoshijiro with the reflection of the fatal attack really drives the emotional moment.

 Extreme closeup of a debris used for a slow reveal.

 A deep focus shot of Hoshijiro's death. The view of Gauna arms, debris and the vastness of space give a tragic sense of scale


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