Knights of Sidonia Episode 8

Knights of Sidonia uses a variety of camera angles and movements to create intense and visceral action scenes. This was best exemplified by the Mecha battle in this episode. The scene below begins with a high angle shot of a Guana Mecha looking down at a destroyed Garde. This portrays the Gauna as an imposing figure which is further highlighted as the camera quickly moves in for a closeup.

About 17 seconds into the video is where the show truly shines as it uses dynamic camera movements to a great effect. The action starts with an extreme long shot of Tanikaze's Garde, which quickly flies into the camera (full shot). The camera switches briefly to a follow shot of Tanikaze then pulls back, pans to the Gauna and moves in for a medium shot. These constant changes create an exciting sense of speed and hectic pace.

The scene below shows a good application of slow-motion to transition from fast pace action to a more dramatic shot. Again, notice the great use of dynamic camera movements.


These series images show the use of different framing to portray fear.

 Most of the cockpit shots have been closeups but this is a medium shot to show Kunato's manic and shaky body language. The use of shadow and lighting gives a sense of dread. Kunato's figure is mostly in the shadow with the light only on his face which accentuates his emotions.

 The medium shot establishes Kunato's physical state which sets up the closeup shot to show the fear and panic.

 POV shot from Kunato's perspective with his out of focus hand shaking. Another shot that shows his physical state. 

 The previous shot sets up a closeup showing Kunato in a trance like state, struck frozen by fear.

 An extreme long shot of Tanikaze high up and looking away. The wide amount of space imitates the sense of detachment that a person feels when deep in thought...or something like that, I really just like this shot.

 Another shot using shadow and lighting to express emotion and tone, this time it's misery and gloom.

Low angle shots can be used to portray a character as an authoritative and commanding figure. This type of angle is often used on the Captain.


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