6:45 a.m. SUN 31 August 2014

This short movie conveys the nostalgic sentiments for old-fashion style and technology in a time of rapid progression. The vivid visual presentation has a comforting atmosphere that can be likened to visiting an old grandparents’ house.

Watch the short below:

The most impressive thing about this short is the finely detailed and wonderful background art that helped create a nostalgic mood. The excellent background work is brought to life by the immersive use of camera movement.

The short movie aimed to immerse the audience both with the use of subjective (participant’s viewpoint) and objective (observer’s viewpoint) shots. Subjective shots were used to give the audience a first person point of view of the subject’s action. These shots created an illusion of trading places with the subject. Swiping the tablet to turn a page and going down the stairs to pick up a newspaper were seen through the subject’s eyes. Seeing these contrasting actions from a subjective view point made the antiquated morning routine of picking up a newspaper feel genuinely nostalgic. It is later revealed that the newspaper was a tablet all along and these actions were seen through the eyes of someone emulating a morning routine that is a relic of the past.

The objective shots were mostly used to display the surroundings but what made them immersive were the use of languid and meticulous panning and tilting movements. The slow panning and tilting around the house let the viewer absorb the detail and beauty of the artwork little by little. By not revealing everything at once it allowed the viewer’s imagination to construct the whole scenery in their head as if it was something real. The best example of this camera movement was the panning shot starting from the kitchen. We get to carefully observe and realize how old fashion  everything are, such as the architectural style, the designs of the furniture, the sparse amount of electronic devices and the old-styled appliances. By immersing the viewer into the outdated surrounding it made the little twist in the end pleasantly surprising.


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