Sora no Method Episode 5

The last flashback sequence made good use of matching character and camera movements in order to connect the present and the past.

The sequence begins in the present with a static shot of Yuzuki running to meet her friends for the supposed fireworks. It then cuts to the past, where we see different tracking shots of Yuzuki running to meet Nonoka to see the fireworks but ended up getting lost. Even though it begins with a static shot, the forward character movement matches well with the tracking movement in the flashback. This almost acts as a match on action cut from the present to the past.

The similarity in movements between character and camera creates a nice parallel between the present and the past. The flashback shows her running aimlessly and unable to fulfill her promise, which caused her to be lost as a person. The present shows her running with conviction. She has found herself and seeking to reconnect with her friends and finally fulfill their promise.

The camera revolving around Yuzuki mimics the feeling of getting lost by showing the unfamiliar environment around the character. The camera also pushes in as it revolves; this creates an unsettling feeling which conveys the panic consuming Yuzuki. Just like in Episode 3, the sequence transitions out of the flashback by zooming into an extreme close up and zooming out to a graphic match.


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