Mushishi Zoku Shou 2nd Season - Episode 3

Visual repetition is an effect often used by the Mushishi series to convey the importance of certain story elements. Often times, the repeated visual is related to the Mushi’s affect on humans. When implemented properly, repetition can lead to visually meaningful scenes. In this episode the repeated story element are shadows, specifically during sunset.

The last shot (bottom right) is the dramatic culmination of the repeated images of shadows. The insert shot of the husband’s shadow sets up the moment when he offers to switch places with Akane's shadow as a form of repentance.

You can go back as far as Season 1 – Episode 2 (The Light of the Eyelid) to see examples of visual repetition. In this episode you’ll see repeated shots with bloomy sunlight and sunrays.

This shot is a well balanced composition that demonstrates the equivalent visual of weight of the two characters. The husband is in the background but draws attention with the use of frame within a frame and by being centered. Mikage provides counterbalance by appearing bigger in the foreground. This balance not only enhances the impact of the revelation but also reflects the burden they’re now equally carrying.


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