Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Episode 5

The obvious attention grabber of this episode was the large scale battle scene. It’s hard not to be amazed by a battle that included dragons, trebuchets, sorcerers and a flying castle but what caught my eye was the fight scene between Favaro and Kaisar.

The sequence starts with a worm’s eye view of Kaisar attacking Favaro. The camera actually pulls back in this shot, which makes the shot more dynamic. This is evident by the perspective changes in the background. It almost functions as a follow shot that involves the audience more into the action.

After a couple of cuts, the scene proceeds to a brief shaky cam wide shot. The wide shot establishes the characters positioning which sets up the continuity of the closer shots that follow it. The shaky cam adds a bit of dynamism but also makes the transition from the wide shot to the steadicam-like shots less jarring.

As mentioned, the scene transitions to a steadicam-like camera work. The closer look makes the fight engaging and also shows the emotions in the face of the characters. The gif above is the best example. The camera follows the movement of fight, changes focus to the clashing of the blades then to Favaro’s face; all done in one shot. The disadvantage of an up close fight scene is the lack of full body animation and choreography.


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