Mushishi Zoku Shou 2nd Season - Episode 1

The repeating imagery of this episode was that of the open hands. When framed from different perspectives the open hands can express a different meaning.

In the above images the open hands were framed from a perspective that’s more likely associated with receiving or taking. In those shots Ginko’s was tempted to take the mountain lord’s egg for himself with the thought it might fill the void created by his isolation and lack of purpose. Symbolically, the egg could represent rebirth to Ginko who has been dealt a bad hand in life.

These shots presents the open hands in a way that's more likely associated with giving or offering. In this scene the hands are actually taking something from Ginko but it could be seen as an offer to take the burden of the broken egg off him. Then with one simple gesture the hands offered him reprieve and a second chance in life.

Much of the first few exchanges between Ginko and Suguro were shots of them facing away from the camera and each other. Showing just Suguro’s back was a subtle way of creating a sense of wariness and mistrust.

After Ginko explained his predicament of being taken advantaged of by other mushi-shis, Suguro is then shot looking back at him. This could be seen as a gesture of understanding and dissipating suspicion.


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