No Game No Life Episode 11

Who knew a gun fight between a loli and a cat eared loli using love-love guns would produce a fairly well shot action scene. For more than half of the scene below the combatants were fighting with a barrier between them and shooting through door openings. If shot normally, that is with medium to full shots of the two exchanging gunfire through the door, it would have been boring. This action scene was more about the feel of the combatants for each other's movements. To imitate that feeling the movement of bullets became the focus, hence plenty of close up shots, follow shots and slow motion shots of the bullets.

A long shot from the video above. It uses warm and cool colors to differentiate the two combatants. Izuna finds no enjoyment in playing hence the blue while Shiro loves the excitement of a challenge, which is represented by yellow-orange colors.     

The video below is the continuation of the action. Starts with a slow lateral tracking shot to build tension as Izuna jumps out of the window. This time, distance is the separation between the combatants (Sora and Izuna). Again the bullet is the focus. Also, there's a really nice aerial follow shot of Izuna.


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