Space Dandy S2 Episode 11

I really liked the moodiness of the cold intro to this episode and how it uses color and scale to emphasize certain things.

I think the most noticeable thing about this intro was everything is desaturated except for the neon lights outside and the glass of drink. Desaturation combined with strong shadows has a gloomy and somber effect. The use of a few colorful elements for contrast makes this mood even more potent.

In the three images above there’s a slight shallow focus. The glass is slightly out of focus while Dandy is in focus. This helps maintain Dandy as the primary subject of the shot even though the more colorful glass of drink pops more visually.

You’ll notice in the second image that the camera moved in closer to make the glass of drink appear larger. In this intro we never saw the woman Dandy was talking to but by emphasizing the glass of drink we start attaching her voice to it and it becomes her analogue. In the third image (from the same shot as the second), she finishes her drink. The lost of color that took up half of the shot has a certain sadness to it and a clear indication that she’s leaving Dandy.

Camera movements in the z-axis (push in, pull out and rotational shots) were done to emphasize Dandy and crew’s three dimensional existence and to provide a stark contrast to Paul’s 2-D universe.


  1. Love it :) by the way does anyone know the song title and artist of the music playing in the background of THIS EXACT SCENE? I am dying to know thank you :)


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