Haikyuu!! Episode 24

This episode did a great job of capturing the intense emotions of competition and how sudden that can change to an emotional drop-off after a defeat. Kageyama and Hinata’s conversation with Takeda were especially poignant. It’s a quiet scene that lets the sincerity of the moment sink into the audience.

The above clip is a wide shot of the Takeda conversation. The wide shot gives us a look at the contrasting body language of the characters. Kageyama and Hinata are slumping on the ground sulking while Takeda is standing straight up with a look of poise. It’s an image of difference in maturity that communicates Takeda’s role as a mentor and advisor. Also, notice the large amount of negative space between the characters and above them. This plays into quietness of the scene and its contemplative nature.

This wide shot lingers a bit longer than usual. The longer take allows the audience to absorb the brief pauses where Kageyama and Hinata are lost for words. This is a subdued moment of two young men wordless in their moroseness taking in the words of wisdom of someone they respect.

The sequence above is another shot that holds a bit longer. Takeda in the middle of the shot framed by Kageyama and Hinata was another way to show his mentorship and stabilizing presence. We then see Kageyama and Hinata stand up, responding to Takeda’s words of encouragement. The camera zooms out for a full shot of Kageyama and Hinata. The change in posture and scale (from wide shot to full shot) are a visual of growth of the two characters.


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