Hibike! Euphonium S2 - Episode 9

There was a part of the episode where Asuka opened up about her mother and described her as crazy, possessive and hysterical. These are words with strong negative connotations and yet Asuka uttered them in a nonchalant and cold manner. She even rationalized that she didn’t hate her, as if putting on a façade. Fittingly her dialogue was shot as a direct overhead shot. This type of shot tends to be flat and minimizes perspective lines. This visual, depending on context, can feel cold, sterile and unengaging. The coldness and sterility of this visual captured her tone and demeanor. The unengaging flatness accentuated the sense of disconnect presented by her façade.

Overhead shot

Kumiko saw through this façade and didn’t mince words. She immediately insinuated that Asuka actually hates her mother despite her calm and carefree demeanor. The façade was broken as reflected by the drastic transition from the unengaging overhead shot to the more emotionally engaging close-up and extreme close-ups.


  1. Dear Yodsanklai F,
    I really appreciate your explanation of these scenes. They help me a lot to understand a lot of thing that I never knew.
    As far as I have watched animes and thanks to a lot of your explanation I understood there are a lot of rules about their compositions (some shots that you explained, specially like the ones in "Your Lie in April" or a lot of diagonal shots that I have watched and other rules) and their cinematography (camera's angle, movement and etc). My aim is to learn these because I hope to become a director one day. So I wanted to ask you if you knew any books or references which can help me to understand Anime/Manga rules, Please give me the names or any other advice that you think it can help me.

    I appreciate your time in writing for us and reading my request
    One of your readers


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