In this episode the side view wide shot of Araragi and Oikura was used repeatedly in order to function as a constant for the lighting changes. This made the changes in lighting more perceptible, which helped it visually convey the changes in the mood of Oikura.

The first shot was in the beginning of the episode. This shot was at its brightest, which matches the relatively less serious start. As Oikura reveals more about her dysfunctional family, the lighting became dimmer and the shadows heavier which accentuated her state of misery. The third shot was especially apt, since at this point she was describing Araragi’s happy family as so bright to the point of being unsettling.  The contrast between her description of his family and the dimmed room visualized how comparatively miserable her family life was.

In this second sequence of shots it again started off bright although not as bright as the first couple of shots. At this point she was still using Araragi as a scapegoat but eventually admitted he was blameless. This admission caused her to sink further into self-hatred and self-pity, which was reflected by the shot turning dark, with even heavier shadows and the characters almost being silhouettes. Also, there were now rays of light coming in, a visual intensity matching the strong emotions and quivering voice of Oikura.

One thing that was a bit more subtle was in the last shot, where the rays of light on Oikura were shining brighter. In this portion of the sequence, Araragi was encouraging her to find happiness. The brighter light on Oikura seems to signify a tiny glimmer of hope that she found in Araragi’s words.


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