Garo: Honoo no Kokuin - Episode 18

As Leon grieves the death of Lara, the pain of this loss causes his dark past to resurface. His past is haunting and tempting him to yet again to give in to a life of anger and vengeance. The visual of this scene uses spatial depth and the symbolism of footprints to convey his internal struggle.

Footprints are physical marks of the past that show where we were and where we were going. With this notion in mind the footprints in this scene can symbolize Leon’s connection to his past, whether it was the vengeful life that he once lived or the life he spent with Lara.

When showing Leon’s connection to his dark past, the footprints were shot in deep space. The three shots above demonstrate deep space with depth cues such as one point perspective and footprints receding in the distance. Deep space tends to be more visually intense, which accentuated the ominous nature of Leon’s shadow of the past.

In contrast, Leon’s footprints connecting him to Lara were shot in flat space. This lack of depth and visual intensity produced a calm mood that is fitting to this mournful shot. This calmness also reflects Leon’s peaceful life with Lara.


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