Zankyou no Terror Episode 4

The obvious eye-catcher in this episode was the exquisite motorcycle scene. The best parts of the scene were the use of camera movement to seamlessly transition to a cut.

In this cut the camera pushes in until the tire covers the entire screen. This acts sort of like a fade to black. The camera then zooms out to show the viewers a side view of the motorcycle. This sequence, due to good camera use has a feel of a very smooth match on action cut.

This is my favorite, which was a creative way of doing a graphic match. The camera continues to track the motorcycle until it accelerates pass the camera and all we see are the horizontal lines on the wall. Then it cuts to a graphic match of an extreme close-up of the line formed by Lisa’s eyelashes. The camera then zooms out to complete the sequence.

And here’s the entire scene for your viewing pleasure:


Here’s a couple of interesting shots, which use foreground framing to provide a narrower focus on the subjects. This narrow focus strongly directs the audience’s view on the failure and vulnerability of the police department. They were caught and deceived; the resulting humiliation is communicated well in these shots.


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